Hello world!

Thank you for visiting my portfolio. I encourage you to freely browse the images I have captured over the last couple of years.

My interest in digital photography was rekindled after my visit of Himalayas. I purchased a new Nikon digital SLR camera and started capturing images from my travels and my everyday life. I try to find interesting subjects, patterns and locations. I love to work in color as well as black & white. I tend to look for rich texture and color tones in my images.

I have no formal education in the photography or art field. I only work on my craft because I love it and would like to express myself through the images in my gallery.

I hope you enjoy the images here as much as I have enjoyed creating them.

Please check back often for new artwork. I am always open to new ideas and value your comments.

Thank You

© Amitava Ray – All images are owned by Amitava Ray and may not be downloaded, copied or digitally manipulated in any way without expressed written permission.

Nalanda Stairs - Amitava Ray